The sad conclusion of the Slovenian science project

This is an update I really haven’t wanted to write.

(read here for the start of this experiment)

I’ve wished and hoped that maybe I was wrong, that maybe things would be okay in the end, everything would work out, and I and my loved ones would be enjoying sweet magenta wine in a few short weeks.  If you’d been following along on Instagram, you may have been a little curious about the silence.

I’d been ready to buy some empty wine bottles online!  I was learning how to siphon things!  I’d even cleared some space on a basement shelf.

But sadly, the wine is not to be.

Despite a few VERY hectic weeks in our personal life, I and my husband have faithfully stirred the wine every other day and kept it covered in cheesecloth in a cool corner of the kitchen, away from the sun.  For many weeks, it looked and smelled like wine.

Until one day, it didn’t.

Overnight, a misty white pallor developed over the surface of the wine.

I stirred it, and waited.

The white mist came back, more dense than before.

One more stir.

More white.

Not so much a smell of wine, but an unpleasant, yeasty odor.

I don’t know how or why it happened, but it appears my wine has been overtaken by mold.  And I’m not serving it to myself or anyone else!

It’s a good thing I didn’t buy the wine bottling supplies, but it is a sad day for my future winemaking career, and the “all of us sitting around on a hot summer day drinking really sweet homemade wine” occasion that is never to be.

RIP, Homemade Rose Wine.

(PS: Yeah, it smelled horrible when I poured it down the drain.)

One thought on “The sad conclusion of the Slovenian science project”

  1. I am so sorry, Jen. Sometimes things don’t work out. You are really good at lots of other things and even if it had gone perfectly it probably would have tasted like shit.

    I still love you.

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