JFK Ate Potica (maybe)

In the 1977 reprint of Woman’s Glory – The Kitchen, a [totally-not-sexist-at-all] publication from the Slovenian Women’s Union of America, we are provided with a little lesson on the origins of potica, including the news that our 35th president may have enjoyed some!


Do we think that a) there was ever an era where home-baked pastries could really be delivered directly to the President and First Lady, or b) even in the 1960s, these were intercepted long before they made it inside the White House, in the interest of national security? (or hungry Secret Service agents) I hope for Mrs. Mary Lenich’s sake that her hard work did reach its destination, but I kind of doubt it…

Either way, if you’d like to recreate the Presidential Potica for yourself, we have a copy of the recipe below.  It is one of my very favorite kinds of recipes to discover… complete with misspellings, vague directions (“pull it thin”?) and ingredients measured by price rather than volume.  Best of luck to anyone trying to hunt down a 10¢ cake of yeast!


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