Happy Hour: Homemade Rose Wine

When I was in elementary school, my teacher assigned a project where we had to invent things.  I remember that one of my classmates’ “inventions” involved putting apple juice concentrate in a squeeze bottle that could be used to dispense small amounts into a glass of water.  I guess in his family there must have been great demand for small servings of apple juice?

This was not an earth-shattering idea, and it’s not really noteworthy for its creativity (actually, it sounds totally like something you’d make up the night before the project was due).  What was memorable, though, was that after a few weeks of sitting in the classroom, the apple juice started to ferment!  One day, we noticed a mysterious odor that to my fourth-grade nose was disgusting, but I’m sure my teacher recognized it as beer… which probably brought her at least one moment of minor panic!

Anyway, it seems like the Slovenian Women’s Union was onto something similar, albeit slightly more complicated and prettier in color.  This week, for your Happy Hour enjoyment, a recipe from 2001’s More Pots and Pans – let some grape juice rot on your kitchen counter for 4-6 weeks, then “age” in your basement for another 4, just in time to serve at a summer brunch!*

*alternatively, you could spend roughly 5 minutes and $8 to buy a bottle at the store

pink wine

homemade rose

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